Halt the Hangover!

8 tips to Reduce Your Hangover this Holiday Season

wine bottle chilling in bucketDuring this holiday season – if you must imbibe – follow these suggestions and wake up more productive! After 9 years of post-secondary education and attendance at the occasional party I have learned from experience ;-). Some suggestions are obvious but work. By the way – ‘Hair of the Dog’ doesn’t work! It only prolongs the inevitable!

  1. Increase water intake the day you plan on consuming alcohol.
  2. Make sure you eat properly – we all know what happens when you drink alcohol on an empty stomach!
  3. During the actual event take a break from alcohol and sip the odd glass of water or juice. Alternating between alcohol and non-alcohol drinks can halve your alcohol intake and more importantly your hangover.
  4. Try and stick to one type of alcohol throughout the night. If you end up mixing wine, beer, shots, and mixed drinks prepare for a killer hangover! There is no truth to ‘liquor before beer, never fear’ or ‘beer before liquor, never been sicker’.
  5. Avoid shots at all costs! As you know it is a great way to consume alcohol quickly but also a great way to end up driving the porcelain bus!
  6. As much as you feel the urge to make your drinks stronger as the night progresses why not make them weaker and taper your alcohol consumption as the night winds down.
  7. After the big night of drinking eat before you go to bed. My suggestion is one of the following: pita, burrito, shawarma, gyro, poutine, grilled cheese, sub, etc. *Note: If your trying to lose weight you may want to skip this one!
  8. Make sure you pound a glass of water prior to bed and have a large sports drink ready for immediate consumption upon waking.

Bonus Tip – Eat a large well-balanced breakfast upon waking preferably with animal products such as bacon and eggs (they will help increase your depleted Vitamin B levels). For the vegan or vegetarian, take a B-complex supplement.

Health Advisory – The usage of pain medication is NOT recommended as your liver is already overwhelmed detoxifying all that alcohol.

If you follow these tips you will be less likely to wake up the next day mumbling ‘I don’t want to ever drink again’. Besides even if you mumbled this – let’s not kid ourselves – odds are you’ll imbibe again!

Do you have any hangover prevention tips that work for you? Feel free to leave a comment.

Happy Holidays! 🙂

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