How to do a Quick Golf Warm-Up

Use this 8 Step Golf Warm-Up and Help Prevent Injury

Dr. Jory Basso golfing in Cuba If you are like most golfers – you don’t warm-up prior to playing a round. Likely with almost every other sport  – you have some type of warm-up ritual. Why is that?  That doesn’t make sense!

For whatever reason we are more likely to just step up cold to the first tee and give the ball a whack.”

In the following brief video I present eight exercises/stretches to help get you limber and primed for a great day of golf! Keep in mind that new research is revealing that active stretching (stretching through movement) is superior to passive stretching (holding a stretch) when it comes to most sporting activities. Exercises like gradual swing progressions (Step 8.1-8.3 in the video) are the most important component. Follow this routine to help decrease your chance of injury and maybe even shave some strokes off your game. Good luck!

Are there any stretches/exercises that you recommend? Share them below…

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