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Angel Doucet Toronto Personal Trainer Lifting Dumbell5 Tips to go from BodyPump Chump to BodyPump Champ!

BodyPump is one of the most popular classes offered by GoodLife Fitness. Rightfully so as ‘Pump’ is an amazing way to get a full body workout in just an hour! Because of it’s popularity and rabid following – BodyPump newbies and addicts alike can sometimes overdue it. Over the past three years I’ve been treating and training at GoodLife Fitness Union Station. Many clients have come to me for a BodyPump or weightlifting related ailment. Most often it is a shoulder/rotator cuff injury. Second on the list is a back related complaint. These are preventable injuries if you follow these 5 tips:

  1. Ease into it. If you are new to BodyPump or weightlifting make sure you do less weights then you think. It is common to put too much weight on the barbell because newbies don’t factor in the REP EFFECT (you do around 100 reps per body part). I remember the first time I did Pump – I had too much weight for the bench press track and halfway through my chest and triceps were screaming at me! This is a recipe for an overuse injury or muscle strain.
  2. Remember to stretch. Get into a good stretching routine to help offset the muscle tightness that is part and partial to strength training. BodyFlow and Yoga are great group exercise classes that compliment BodyPump. Ideally a good stretching routine would be done on a ‘non-Pump’ day.
  3. Mix it up. As fun and addictive as BodyPump is don’t do it every day! Your body needs time to rest so that tissue repair and growth can occur. Instead of doing Pump every day – try and alternate workouts. Here is a list of other group exercise classes that can help round out a solid fitness routine.
  4. Ice, ice, baby. When you feel an ache or pain after a class apply an icepack for 10 minutes to the affected area. This can help reduce tissue inflammation. By taking a preventative, proactive approach will lessen your chances of developing a more serious injury. If you have always wondered whether to use ice or heat check out Icing Guidelines.
  5. Don’t wait! When your body does tell you something is wrong listen to it! That nagging ache felt in the shoulder during BodyPump should be taken care of as soon as possible. Conditions like these respond quickly to early treatment. Sometimes when you think it will just heal itself you end up with a chronic condition that can last months or even years.

Follow these 5 tips, be safe and get your health on! Email me if you have any questions or would like to get treatment. Remember… I’m here to PUMP YOU UP!!!

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