Stop Eating Fat Free Foods! Health Rant #3

Get your fat on. Fat free foods are actually making you fatter!

Hybrid Health Rants

I am creating a bunch of YouTube Videos entitled Hybrid Health Rants.  I’m very passionate about the decades old war on fat. I tend to get really agitated about fat free yogurt. In fact I can’t  stand fat free yogurt! Check out my newest Health Rant and find out why. What you have been told is WRONG about fat free foods. Here is what you NEED to KNOW! 

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Uploaded time: July 28, 2016 11:10 PM

Video Title: Fat Free is Bad! Don’t Eat Fat Free Yogurt! Health Rant #3

Duration: 5:28

Video Description: Dr. Jory, from Toronto, rants about the decades long war against fat. He talks about how when you eliminate fat you need to add a bunch of garbage in the ingredients so the food is palatable again. Fat free foods are BAD FOR US!

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