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Rake Without the Ache

Well it is that time of year to pull out the rake and clean up the yard. Unfortunately many people ‘pull’ more then just the rake out – pulling muscles and injuring their back! Luckily the Ontario Chiropractic Association has a brochure entitled ‘Plant and Rake without the Ache‘. It provides tips and strategies  to reduce your chance of being injured raking and gardening. I have utilized this information in my latest health video. Check it out here:

Happy raking!


5 Tips to Overcome Injuries

Reaching Optimal Fitness and Peak Health Doesn’t Come Without Setbacks After treating thousands of patients over the last decade I have noticed a commonality when in conversation. After mentioning that I’ve had four knee surgeries and an ankle surgery (updated Jan 2016 but the picture below hasn’t been updated) most patients appear slightly shocked. Especially… Continue Reading

Employee Health Benefits – What You Need to Know

How to Utilize Health Benefits & Improve Your Health As we approach the end of the year many look towards their employee benefit plans to get massage, physio, chiropractic, naturopathy, foot orthotics etc. Some haven’t used benefits all year and others have long since maxed out their coverage. Here is some info to help navigate… Continue Reading

Lift Light, Shovel Right

How to Shovel Snow Properly Winter has officially begun – although word from Nasa is that 2011 has registered as the 9th hottest year since 1880 after 2010 was the hottest ever recorded. Regardless of the warming trend, people have pulled out their shovels to battle the snow that has fallen in Ontario for the… Continue Reading

GoodLife Health Centres Compliment Your Workouts!

Health Centres – Helping You Achieve Optimal Health and Peak Performance. During the past couple years GoodLife Fitness has been expanding rapidly – opening new clubs and renovating existing ones to add more services. Along with the expansion we have also increased the number of Health Centres to 32. These are the health clinics conveniently located… Continue Reading

What to Expect During the First Chiropractic Appointment

Downtown Toronto Chiropractor Dr. Jory Basso provides a brief description of what you should expect during your first chiropractic appointment. Disclaimer: Dr. Basso doesn’t quite resemble or sound like the actor playing him in this movie. The actor has a much nicer accent! The site used to create the movie is www.xtranormal.com [youtube]http://youtu.be/HWPf0QGTPIg[/youtube] Continue Reading

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