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GoodLife Health Centres Compliment Your Workouts!

Chiropractor Treating Patient's NeckHealth Centres – Helping You Achieve Optimal Health and Peak Performance.

During the past couple years GoodLife Fitness has been expanding rapidly – opening new clubs and renovating existing ones to add more services. Along with the expansion we have also increased the number of Health Centres to 32. These are the health clinics conveniently located within our larger gyms staffed by health professionals including registered massage therapists (RMTs), chiropractors, and acupuncturists. These clinics provide valuable health services to our GoodLife members and surrounding residents and workers.

Health Centres can help maximize your health and fitness by ensuring that your body is performing optimally.

Example 1 A new member starts up a workout routine. Her goal is to run a 5km race in the spring. She starts training and develops shin splints and pain in her knees after running for 10 minutes. If she had met with a Health Centre chiropractor prior to starting her workout routine she would’ve found that her flat feet may be the cause of pain (through overpronation). The chiropractor may have recommended a particular ‘control’ running shoe or a custom foot orthotic. As well – tight muscles could have been determined and relevant stretches recommended. Through utilizing the Health Centre this new member may have avoided the pain and been able to continue her training without interruption.

Example 2 This same new member has been increasing the intensity of her workouts. She decides that she will push herself and try and run for 45 minutes on the treadmill. She completes her goal but feels really sore after her workout. The next day she wakes up and can hardly walk because her muscles are so tight! She decides to call her gym’s Health Centre to book a massage during her lunch hour. She slowly limps her way to GoodLife at lunch for her massage. She is amazed when getting up that she can walk again thanks to the RMT helping flush out the lactic acid and increase circulation to the legs.

Example 3 A corporate executive wakes up with a ‘kink’ in his neck. He usually sits with poor posture for hours at a time staring at a computer screen. He is unable to turn his head to the right. Unfortunately he needs to provide a presentation later that afternoon. He desperately calls up his gym’s Health Centre and books an appointment later that morning. The chiropractor assesses that his pain is due to a muscle spasm. The treatment consists of a few stretches and muscle therapy along with advice on proper posture at the computer. He happily walks out of the clinic with a large improvement in range of motion and successfully completes his presentation.

GoodLife Health Centres have created an added value to having a GoodLife membership. Members (and even non-members) can conveniently stop by before, during or after work. Let’s face it – it is hard to find extra time and combining a therapy session with a workout makes your schedule much more efficient! Another plus is most clients with health benefits have insurance coverage for chiropractic, RMT, and custom foot orthotics. Book a therapy session today and improve your health for tomorrow!

Note: This Blog Post was featured on the GoodLife Fitness Blog.


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