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What meat IS HEALTHY? Grass Fed Beef Health Rant #1

Grass Fed Beef is Healthy Meat to Eat

We all have to make a collective effort to consume less meat. Meat production is very hard on the Earth and there is often cruelty to animals. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported recently that eating processed meats and red meat may increase your chance of cancer. One contributer to this stat is that we aren’t raising our meat properly or humanely. Check out my latest hybrid health rant on What is Health Meat?…

Video URL: https://youtu.be/-n9PHs4O2B4

Video Title: What meat IS HEALTHY? Grass Fed Beef Health Rant #1

Uploaded time: October 30, 2015 1:11 PM

Duration: 2:28

Description: What meat IS HEALTHY? The World Health Organization recently concluded that eating processed meats and red meat increases risk of cancer. What meat is healthy to eat? Here is what you need to know about eating healthy, humanely raised GRASS FED BEEF. This is the first of many Hybrid Health & Fitness Health Rants by Dr. Jory Basso.

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