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The Day I Finally Got a Cartilage Transplant

Surgeon Performs a Microfracture and Cartilage Transplant After 18 years of knee pain and two prior knee surgeries I underwent my third knee surgery three days ago at Women’s College Hospital – a state of the art new hospital in Toronto. What did the surgery consist of? The anesthesiologists performed a femoral nerve block (to… Continue Reading

The Day I was Supposed to get Knee Surgery

My Third Knee Surgery Has Been Delayed As I mentioned in a previous post, and to my patients, students, family, and friends I was supposed to get knee surgery today but I found out last week that it will be delayed. WHY? The knee surgery is quite complex as there are a number of factors… Continue Reading

Knee Surgery Cartilage Transplant – Part 1 of 2

The after effects of two previous knee surgeries for torn cartilage Well – here we go again. After a very active 15 years since having a second knee surgery to remove torn cartilage I will be going under the knife this winter. How/when did the original injury occur? When in grade 10 during a high… Continue Reading

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