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5 Tips to Lose Fat and Keep It Off

Lose Fat and Live Longer This year utilize these 5 tips to reduce your fat percentage Every year millions of people proclaim their New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. As a health and fitness expert I tend to minimize the usage of the term ‘lose weight’. Why? I don’t believe people should become too… Continue Reading

Dr. J’s One Year Old Son Lifting Weights!

With childhood obesity reaching epidemic proportions in North America – we need to make changes and fast! A landmark 2010 study in the Journal Pediatrics debunks the myth that children who lift weights may stunt their growth. As long as they are supervised, instructed on proper form, and don’t lift excessive weights resistance exercise for… Continue Reading

Weightlifting Technique tips for a Better Body

Downtown Toronto Chiropractor/Strength & Conditioning Specialist Dr. Jory Basso along with four world class personal trainers give you four technique tips. These tips will improve your form when doing squats, deadlifts, bench press and the plank. Build a better body for the new year! [youtube]http://youtu.be/t_Jfsx2gGt0[/youtube] Continue Reading

Improve Your Posture Part 3

Downtown Toronto chiropractor Dr. Jory Basso discusses how you can improve your posture. In Part 3 Dr. Basso provides exercises along with the help from Miriam – a fitness model/exercise instructor. Stop slouching and do these exercises!   [youtube]http://youtu.be/oJq4dYQnPGE[/youtube] Continue Reading

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