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Four Quick Tips to Improve Posture

Improve your posture while sitting at a desk!

man with back painIn today’s technology driven world the majority of jobs have become sedentary desk jobs. It is no co-incidence that poor posture is on the increase along with the negative symptoms associated including headaches, neck, back, shoulder and arm pain.

Poor Posture Causes More Than Just Pain

In addition to the symptoms of pain listed above poor posture and sitting consistently for prolonged periods can also contribute to:

  • Depression
  • Digestive Problems such as Constipation
  • Poor Circulation
  • Reduced Breathing Capacity
  • Muscle Wasting
  • Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes
  • Vitamin D Deficiency (from lack of sunlight)
  • Irritability, Fatigue, and Eye Strain

Outside of quitting your job and buying a farm what can we do to combat these effects?

In these very brief HD videos (only 30 seconds each)  I provide Four Quick Tips to Improve Your Posture:

Posture Tip 1 – Quick Tips to Improve Posture – Stand Up! Transcript:

“Posture tip! Hey it’s Dr. Jory from Hybrid Health and Fitness. Next time you’re sitting at a desk for a long period of time pull out your phone and set the alarm on it so it will go off every 30 minutes. That way it’s a que for you to just stand up and have a little bit of a stretch. Even five seconds of standing can make a big difference.”

Posture Tip 2 – Quick Tips to Improve Posture – Walk & Talk Meeting Transcript:

“Posture Tip. Hey it’s Dr. Jory from Hybrid Health and Fitness. Next time you’re at work and you have a meeting scheduled see if you can do a stand up meeting or a walk and talk instead of a sitdown meeting. We already sit too much as it is. Try and get up, move around and talk for your next meeting.”

Posture Tip 3 – Quick Tips to Improve Posture – Laptop Transcript:

“Posture Tip. Hey it’s Dr. Jory from Hybrid Health and Fitness. Next time you’re at your workstation make sure the monitor is halfway at eye level. If you’re using a laptop you may want to consider getting another monitor which would be placed higher so that again your eyes are at the middle of the screen instead of looking down at that laptop.”

Posture Tip 4 – Quick Tips to Improve Posture – Email Transcript:

“Posture Tip! Hey it’s Dr. Jory from Hybrid Health and Fitness. Next time you’re sitting at a computer for a long period time and you get an annoying email like this… just stand up and do a little stretch even five seconds to make a big difference.”

Dr. Jory has presented a feature segment on Posture Improvement on CTV’s Dr. Marla & Friends.

Any tips you want to share? Post them below!

 This article is also featured on The GoodLife Fitness Blog.

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