Tanning Beds and Vitamin D

Can tanning beds provide Vitamin D synthesis? Tanning beds have had a lot of negative press in the past decade over concerns of skin cancer. As long as you don’t ever get a sunburn, you use them sparingly and safely, and you don’t use them unless you are an adult they can be a safe… Continue Reading

How to prevent and treat boxing shoulder injuries

Many boxers hurt their shoulders while training. This video tackles how to prevent and treat shoulder injuries including the rotator cuff from boxing. Dr. Jory and Jason Van V from Precision Boxing have a long chat about everything boxing/shoulder injuries. They also address when to ice or heat, posture exercises, and stretches. Dr. Jory https://www.hybriddrj.com… Continue Reading

How to Fix a Surfboard in 10 Minutes

Have a ding in your surfboard and want a quick fix? Here is a quick do it yourself (DIY) video on how to fix a surfboard and get you out surfing sooner! The whole surfboard repair process took only 10 minutes. HybridDrJ (Dr. Jory Basso) has a health/fitness/science/education channel. He is an Associate Professor of… Continue Reading

ZOMBIE Rotifer eating in pond water microscope

LOOK AT IT’S STOMACH! This bizarre microscopic organism is the smallest animal on Earth feeding on micro-organisms like motile algae and bacteria. So bizarre!!! It can basically turn into a ZOMBIE and suspend its animation when the water environment dries up. It is basically DEAD for up to 8-10yrs until water rehydrates it and it… Continue Reading

Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis Explained – General Biology Flipped Classroom

Learn about the mind blowing science behind baby making! How do we make sperm and eggs? This general biology flipped classroom will teach you the process of spermatogenesis and oogenesis, both called gametogenesis. Post your questions in the comments. HybridDrJ (Dr. Jory Basso) has a health/fitness/science/education channel. He is an Associate Professor of Biology at… Continue Reading

Gene Expression Simplified – General Biology – Transcription & Translation – Protein Synthesis

Biology Professor Dr. Jory Basso simplifies Gene Expression – Transcription & Translation – Protein Synthesis (also known as the central Dogma). If you are taking general biology than this will help you! One of the COOLEST topics in Biology 🙂 A lecture from his general biology class at Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCUHS)… Continue Reading

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