10 Weeks Post Cartilage Transplant/Microfracture Surgery Update

Farewell to Crutches!

Doctor Jory PatientAfter a very invasive cartilage transplant/microfracture knee surgery I can finally WALK AGAIN!

My post surgery updates haven’t been as frequent as I had hoped but life has gotten in the way. We bought a house and moved 2weeks after my surgery and we are expecting our 2nd child soon. I’m also teaching a heavy course load of Biology in the George Brown College Pre-Health Sciences Program in addition to treating and training patients at GoodLife Fitness Union Station Toronto. 

Crutches Breakup

Recovery Challenges

Probably one of the toughest challenges was adjusting my expectations. Prior to the procedure my surgeon told me that he may also do a microfracture technique (purposely create small fractures on the end of my femur to help promote new cartilage growth). I told him I wasn’t a big fan of the procedure but to do it if he thought it would help. So during my mental preparation for the surgery I had envisioned the cartilage transplant recovery but not the microfracture recovery. When you do both procedures it makes the recovery process longer and more complex.

Originally I had expected to be able to toss my crutches away after 4 or 5 weeks. So when I reached 6 weeks on crutches it was very hard to adjust the goals I had created for myself. Keep in mind as well that healing fast is something I aspire to for my patients and for myself! A meeting with the surgeon put things in perspective as he reminded me not to rush the healing process.

Further Challenges

The challenge moving forward will be getting rid of the swelling as even 10 weeks later there is still quite a bit. Utilizing RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) more frequently, eating anti-inflammatory foods (high in omega 3 fatty acids), decreasing processed foods and gluten and decreasing or halting alcohol consumption will all help. Another challenge will be restoring normal range of motion of the knee. I currently can’t bend the knee more than about 90 degrees and swelling is definitely contributing to this.

Upcoming Goals

My biggest goal right now other than walking without a limp is riding my bike again. Last night I was able to ride my stationary bike for the first time (with the seat very high). I can’t wait until I can start commuting around the city on my bike again hopefully sometime in September!

Burn fat not oil cycling


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