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extraordinary health science educator

meet dr jory basso

quick bio

  • started from the bottom, now i'm here
  • born and blossomed near toronto, canada
  • at age four decided to be a scientist
  • uber athlete and student
  • 4x knee surgeries, 1 ankle surgery peaked interest in sports medicine
  • sports therapist, strength/conditioning specialist, chiropractor, associate professor
  • youtube protostar, on-camera talent, speaker, world educator
  • founder of an integrative health clinic in downtown toronto
  • moved the family to southern california (2019)
  • associate professor, interprofessional education at southern california university
  • online educational expert and consultant
  • aspire to be the next bill nye the science guy


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Summary of Education

  • Bachelor of Biological Science (Human Kinetics) - University of Guelph 2001
  • Diploma Sports Injury Management - Sheridan College 2001
  • Doctor of Chiropractic Degree - Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College 2005
  • Masters of Education (Digital Learning) - Ontario Tech University (completion spring 2021)

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Dr. Jory is on a never ending quest to acquire knowledge. His intellectual passions for science, health, astronomy, and evolution are balanced with physical passions of cycling, surfing, kayaking, and hiking.

His vision is to change the World through extra-ordinary science and health education. He believes that knowledge and understanding empowers individuals to make healthier decisions for themselves and the planet collectively. He aspires to be the next Bill Nye The Science Guy.

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